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The 2nd Kubuqi Award Mentorship Day was Held Successfully

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Hong Kong, Feb 22, 2024

Elion Foundation successfully organized the Kubuqi Award Mentorship Day at Cyberport on February 22, 2024, aimed at enhancing the quality of entries submitted by university students in Hong Kong. The essential facet of this event is to offer professional guidance from mentors who are from the esteemed organizations including Cyberport, HSBC, and MTR.

Victor Yim, Head of Fintech, Cyberport (Forth from the left)
Julie Nie, Chairman of Elion Foundation and Secretary General of Treelion Foundation (Fifth from the left)
Vina Cheung, Global Head of RMB Internationalisation & Regional Head of Product Program Management Asia Pacific at HSBC Global Payments Solutions (Sixth from the left)

On the day of the event, Julie Nie, Chairperson of Elion Foundation and General Secretary of Treelion Foundation, delivered a comprehensive exposition on the background, objectives, and four themes of the Kubuqi Award. Julie also elucidated upon the global impact of desertification and the efficacy of the Kubuqi model. Furthermore, she emphasized that one of its key aims is to foster environmental awareness among young individuals in Hong Kong, encouraging their active participation in advancing sustainable practices within the ‘Belt and Road’ national initiative’s ambit.

Afterwards, Victor Yim, the Head of Fintech at Cyberport, delivered a speech at the event emphasizing the pivotal role of technology in addressing global desertification issue and expressing great anticipation for the Hong Kong young group.

Julie with Bosco Leung, Eddy Poon, and Stephan Chan from the MTR Group

To ensure the smooth execution of the event, Elion Foundation extended invitations to 20 experts from various professional domains as mentors. Their primary role was to offer professional advice and insights to students. Concurrently, based on different research interests and professional fields, Elion Foundation meticulously aligned the mentors with the best match proposals (participating teams). The discussion session at the Mentorship Day witnessed a vibrant atmosphere wherein mentors provided comprehensive responses to student queries while delivering professional comments and suggestions on their respective works.

The participants and the mentors had a heated discussion in the venue.

Julie emphasized that the remarkable success of this event would not have been possible without the invaluable support from esteemed experts. It is anticipated that this event will serve as a pivotal platform for participants to actively engage in practical learning experiences, thereby paving the way for their professional planning and development. Meanwhile, Elion Foundation will remain steadfast in its commitment, to proactively promote the Kubuqi Award initiative with an ardent hope of increasing global attention towards combating desertification, fostering active participation and collaboration in sustainable development endeavors.

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