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Strong Alliance! Treelion Signed an MOU with the GBA Economic and Trade Association – Treelion Will Join a Community of 10 Million Active Users

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On November 3, Treelion and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Economic and Trade Association (the GBA Economic and Trade Association) formally signed a memorandum of understanding.

The two parties will form a strategic partnership based on the principles of “long-term, resource sharing, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, and common development”.

Treelion has rich experience and technology in the field of green finance and carbon reduction, has an innovative transparent green economy model based on blockchain technology, and has creative breakthroughs in commercializing environmental protection and social welfare projects.

The GBA Economic and Trade Association has policy research, analysis and advice capabilities, and social resources in the planning and development of the Greater Bay Area.

The collaboration between the two will generate more high-quality projects in green finance, carbon reduction and environmental protection, technological innovation, social services, and Greater Bay Area exchanges, injecting new energy into both parties’ development.

One of the most important collaborations is the interconnection of the APIs of Treelion’s Apps and the GBA Economic and Trade Association’s App “Time-In”, which will break through the barriers between applications, exchange user traffic, and jointly contribute to the carbon reduction and environmental protection causes in the Greater Bay Area.

The “Time-In” App currently has over 10 million active users. The successful connection with “Time-In” will greatly increase Treelion Apps’ exposure and usages in the Greater Bay Area, and popularize the concept of personal carbon reduction actions.

As a support for the GBA Economic and Trade Association’s public welfare undertakings, Treelion will provide Treelion’s blockchain technology free of charge to help “Time-In” get on the blockchain and upgrade to a cutting-edge, safe and credible public welfare platform.

In addition, the GBA Economic and Trade Association invited Mr. Plato K.T. Yip, Treelion’s Vice Chairman, to become the Chairman of the Green Finance of the GBA Economic and Trade Association to deepen the relationship between the two parties, to promote the development of green financial technology and innovative business models, and to jointly create a greener tomorrow.

The establishment of Treelion – GBA Economic and Trade Association strategic partnership is a collaboration of two strong players in the field. Treelion is confident that both parties will continue to complement each other and grow together on the road to future development.

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