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Disrupt Traditional Green Economy Business Models

TREELION will transform the green economy by advancing industry digitization and standardization using blockchain technology as well as innovative business models to solve the current industry issues

Green Digital Economy

We aim to build the world's largest green digital economy, increase the transparency of the global carbon trading market, solve the incompatibility issues in current models, propose new trading rules, and reduce large price differences in carbon markets

Standardization of Carbon Emission Allowance Trading

We aim to reduce the current entry barriers for carbon trading (exclusive trading by institutions and carbon emitting companies)

Liquidity Improvement in the Green Assets Markets

Thanks the combination of Blockchain digital assets and green physical assets, we aim to enhance opportunities for retail and institutional investor participation and increase market liquidity for green assets

Improvement of the global environment

By organizing green events such as tree planting activities, we aim to increase the public participation in green eco-industrialization and reduce climate issues such as global warming

TREELION Blockchain


Blockchain cannot be tampered with. After the green entity assets are recorded on-chain, the uniqueness of the asset is recorded onto the Blockchain and it is simple to track accurately the ownership of the assets

Value Intermediaries

The use of digital assets significantly reduces the cost of asset circulation. After replanting and decarbonization programs are audited by the appropriate authorities, blockchain registration will promote the standardization of carbon trading markets, improve asset liquidity, improve existing standards, and reduce regional differences in carbon markets


Blockchain data are transparent and cannot be tampered with. TREELION’s periodic audit reports, certification reports, etc. will be recorded onto the blockchain to ensure that each key item can traced back and refered to when needed

PoA Mechanism

Proof of Authenticity is a set of standards designed to facilitate the digitization of physical assets. It allows a third-party to assess whether physical real assets and their on-chain digital equivalent are indeed the same. This can only be achieved thanks to standardized asset registration technologies such as online third party auditing and asset digitization. In addition, multi-signature authentication involving key stakeholders (suppliers, custodians, certification bodies, auditors, lawyers, etc.) can also be employed to realize the digitization of physical assets.

Basic Vegetation

Vegetation growing in desert areas include Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, spruce, willow, and sand jujube among many others

CO2 Emission Allowance

Vegetation uses photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide in the air. Once the carbon is absorbed by vegetation, the carbon emission allowance transaction can be completed

Digital Assets

New vegetation and carbon emission allowances are registered onto the blockchain and confirmed thanks to multi-party digital signatures. Physical asset ownership is easily converted to digital ownership thanks to digital asset, which facilitate the exchange of illiquid physical assets

About TREELION Foundation

One of largest green ecology foundation in global

1Billion USD Initial Capital

30Countries and Regions

TREELION Foundation was established and operated by ELION Corp in Singapore in 2019. It aims to create green economic pattern based on sustainable development

TREELION Foundation