TREELION is one of the leading green digital finance platforms powered by a safe, reliable, and scalable blockchain infrastructure. We are building a digital business ecosystem to facilitate capital flows globally for a new green economy.


2021 was a harvest year for Treelion, thanks to the popularization and development of blockchain applications, and the national support of traceability and carbon reduction policies.

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14/01/2021Attended CRO Global Summit 2021Treelion Vice Chairman Plato K.T. Yip was invited to attend the Summit’s “14th Five-Year Plan” Roundtable Forum and discuss the indispensable role of Treelion in the low-carbon transformation of enterprises.
14/1/2021Won the 2021 Chief Responsibility OfficerFor its innovative business model and outstanding contributions in the field of CSR environmental protection, Treelion was elected as the Chief Responsibility Officer of 2021 jointly initiated by the National Business Daily’s Good Business and SynTao. In addition to Treelion, only ten listed companies and multinational companies including Philips, Danone, Mary Kay and others were elected.
14/5/2021Signed a 5-year cooperation plan with the CEECCEEC and Treelion successfully signed a 5-year cooperation agreement to promote green lifestyles for all people
20/5/2021Treelion’s Seed Pencil Kubuqi Desert Tree Planting public welfare program officially released in BeijingTreelion brought the latest project of Seed Pencil to the launching ceremony of 520 Social Responsibility Day this year.
4/6/2021Successfully promoted to the top 6 in the “3rd Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition”In the warm-up event of the 3rd Nanjing “Innovation Week” and the “3rd Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition” Blockchain Industry Competition, Treelion successfully advanced to the top 6 in the country with the latest “3060” project.
29/6/2021Awarded the Top 60 Chinese Corporate Citizenship 5.20 Social Responsibility Brands in 2021Treelion was invited to participate in the 6th China Corporate Citizen 5.20 Social Responsibility Brand Summit, and was elected as one of the top 60 “2021 China Corporate Citizen 520 Responsible Brands”.
15-18/7/2021The first Treelion Blockchain Talent Bootcamp openedTreelion’s first 3-day blockchain talent bootcamp was successfully hosted.
13/8/2021Prof Yongguan Zhu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) and Professor of environmental biology and environmental soil science has joined the Treelion Foundation family and become a Global Advisory Council memberProfessor Zhu has been long engaged in environmental soil science and environmental biology research, and is currently the Science Director of the Institute of Urban Environment, and also a Professor at the Research Centre for Eco-environmental Sciences, CAS. Professor Zhu will add tremendous drive to our green projects and greatly enhance professionalism in our works.
5/9/2021Attended China Carbon Neutral Development ForumTreelion’s CEO Lu Qi was invited to participate in the “China Carbon Neutral Development Forum”, one of the forum activities of the China International Trade Fair in Services. During the meeting, they discussed and exchanged how to handle the relationship between digital transformation and financial development under the dual-carbon goals.
7/9/2021Delegation of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area China Merchants Group and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology Visited TreelionThe delegation came to the Beijing headquarters of the Elion Group and had a deep discussion on Treelion’s Chongqing Landing project and the strategic development prospects of “blockchain + Dual-Carbon” from Chongqing to the whole country.
22-25/9/2021The second Treelion Blockchain Talent Bootcamp openedThe first Treelion Blockchain Talent Bootcamp was widely praised by the students. Thus, Treelion opened a second bootcamp to train professional blockchain talents.  
28/9/2021Hong Kong Green Finance Parallel Session of 8th KIDF Successfully HeldElion Foundation and Friends of the Earth (HK) co-hosted the Hong Kong Green Finance Parallel Session, “Green Finance to Drive a Low-Carbon Economy”, as part of the Eighth Kubuqi International Desert Forum (KIDF) held at the Kubuqi International Desert Forum Center.
27-28/2021Seed Pencils showcased on COP 15 “Seed Pencil” is one of the official supplies of the COP15 NGO Parallel Forum owing to its perfect integration with the conference theme of “Safety and Health, Openness and Inclusiveness, Green and Low Carbon, Smart and Frugal”.
27-29/20213060 APP showcased in Kubuqi International Desert ForumTreelion showcased its 3060 APP at the Kubuqi International Desert Forum. With advanced blockchain technology, an innovative business model, and practical incentive mechanisms, it effectively advocates green lifestyles and helps the realization of the national dual-carbon goals.
9/10/2021Treelion Executive Participated in COP15’s Erhai ForumOn the Erhai Forum on Global Ecological Civilization Construction, Treelion’s Executive Director Lu Qi shared the carbon reduction experience and corporate social responsibility of Treelion as a blockchain green finance platform in the sub-forum.
16/10/2021Participated in the 6th Handle Climate Change Film FestivalTreelion Foundation CEO Plato K.T. Yip and Treelion GAC President Erik Solheim were invited to participate in the festival opening and make speeches.
1/11/20213060 Mini Program officially launchedWeChat users can officially use the 3060 Mini Program and start accumulating carbon sinks.
3/11/2021Signed an MOU with the GBA Economic and Trade AssociationTreelion’s APPs will connect with the Association’s App Time-in to join a community of 10 Million active users
9/11/2021Won multiple awards at the 3rd China Food Supply Chain ConferenceTreelion is honored to be a member unit of China Non-staple Food Circulation Association and Food Safety and Information Traceability Branch, and won the honorary title of “2021 Food Supply Chain Innovation Enterprise”. Mr. Plato K.T. Yip, the Vice Chairman of Treelion, was also named “Pioneer of Food Supply Chain Innovation in 2021”.
12/11/2021Treelion, the Research Institute for Environmental Innovation Tsinghua and the Innovation Lab for Carbon Neutrality and Green Finance Signed an MOUThe partnership will carry out strategic cooperation in the fields of carbon neutrality, ecological environment restoration and other industries; establishing comprehensive, in-depth and long-term strategic cooperation in business development, product development, technology upgrades, investment and financing, and industrial funds.
19/11/2021Treelion’s Blockchain Traceability Platform Showcased at the 5th Well-known Agricultural Products Exhibition in Weihai CityThe Treelion blockchain traceability platform is honored to be invited by the Weihai Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau to the 5th Weihai City’s Well-known Agricultural Products Exhibition and the 12th Apple Arena, preaching to the Weihai local agricultural product suppliers about agricultural products + blockchain traceability application to promote rural revitalization.
25/11/2021Signed an MOU with AereveTreelion and Aereve signed a memorandum of agreement to jointly build a Hong Kong carbon credit exchange and help achieve the dual-carbon goals
30/11/2021Treelion, the Research Institute for Environmental Innovation Tsinghua and the Innovation Lab for Carbon Neutrality and Green Finance Held an MOU Signing CeremonyA Tsinghua delegation came to the Elion Group’s headquarters, attended the MOU signing ceremony, and learned about Elion’s and Treelion’s projects.
3/12/2021The CAICT Visited the Elion’s GroupThe CAICT delegation visited the Elion Group’s Beijing headquarters and particularly investigated Treelion’s projects.
9/12/2021Successfully Passed the Review of the Backbone Node Construction of “Spark Chain Network”Treelion, as the construction and operation main body of the backbone node of the “Spark Chain Network” (digital financial industry), participated in the “Spark Chain Network” backbone node construction review session.
10/12/2021Signed an MOU with YimutianTreelion and China’s largest agricultural product trading B2B platform Yimutian signed a memorandum of understanding and will jointly promote blockchain’s commercial application in agriculture.

2021 is coming to an end. Treelion will keep working hard in 2022.

2021 is coming to an end. In 2022, Treelion will move forward and continue to use technology such as blockchain and big data to empower green and environmental-friendly public welfare, so as to make “everyone can participate, everyone can benefit” possible.

More exciting activities and projects will be launched soon. Let’s look forward to 2022, and Treelion will continue to shine!

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