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Big News! Treelion Successfully Passed the Review of the Backbone Node Construction of “Spark Chain Network”

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On December 9, Treelion, as the construction and operation main body of the backbone node of the “Spark Chain Network” (digital financial industry), participated in the “Spark Chain Network” backbone node construction review session. This meeting mainly reviewed the backbone node construction plan of the digital financial industry.

Other participants in the session are members from China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (the CAICT), Shenzhen University, Huawei, Unicom Research Institute, Ant Group, Baidu, H3C, Rivtower and other scientific research institutes and Technical experts from industry-leading companies. Chen Chen, Vice Minister of Science and Technology Innovation Department of China Merchants Group, Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing, attended the meeting and delivered a speech online.

Chen Chen said in his speech that Chongqing Liangjiang New Area has always attached great importance to regional digital transformation and has made certain achievements in innovative fields such as blockchain and cloud computing. He pointed out that the backbone node of the digital financial industry are based on the “Spark Chain Network” brand and blockchain integration infrastructure, providing cross-field, cross-industry, and cross-enterprise interconnection capabilities, promoting large-scale applications of the blockchain technology in the field of green economy, and creating a demonstration benchmark for innovative applications in the Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing. Finally, he mentioned that Chongqing has a sound development foundation, confidence, and ability to build and operate the backbone node of the digital financial industry, and contribute to the realization of the national “dual-carbon” goal and the development of a green economy.

Luo Song, deputy director of the Institute of Industrial Internet and Internet of Things of the CAICT expressed his gratitude to the leaders and experts who participated in this backbone node review session. He mentioned that “Spark Chain Network” is a new type of national blockchain infrastructure. The core is based on blockchain technology to provide enterprises and industries with truly valuable services and to explore innovative business models. He pointed out that the backbone node construction has received support from many enterprises and local governments for more than a year, and some business models with landing effects have been initially formed. In the future, he hopes that by relying on the CAICT’s experience, Chongqing can promote the construction and development of the backbone node in technology, application, operation and maintenance, capital, etc., and open up the ecological resources of all parties in the “Spark Chain Network” to provide more valuable service.

The backbone node of “Spark Chain Network” (digital financial industry) is constructed and operated by Treelion, with technical support provided by Teleinfo. The backbone node of “Spark Chain Network” (digital financial industry) develops green finance with an innovative digital business model of “platform + technology + industry”, and realizes the certification, circulation and trading of green assets (such as ecological resources, carbon emissions, etc.). While reducing costs and risks, the backbone node improves the financial attributes and value of green assets, realizes the standardization of green assets, brings liquidity to green assets that are currently difficult to trade, and eventually builds a broad and inclusive green financial ecosystem with the mission of achieving “dual-carbon” goal.

About “Spark Chain Network”

“Spark Chain Network” is a new national blockchain fusion infrastructure led by the CAICT and jointly constructed by many large enterprises and institutions such as Beihang University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and China Unicom under the leadership and special support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

It is to continuously promote the digital transformation of the industry, promote the value of digital assets, and use the independent innovation capabilities of the blockchain to plan the layout of “new infrastructure” for the digital economy; It uses the Industrial Internet, which represents the digital transformation of the industry, as its main application scenario, and uses network identification as a key digital resource as a breakthrough point to promote the development of blockchain applications and realize the engine role of new infrastructure.

The backbone node of the “Spark Chain Network” is a key role that anchors and docks the super nodes’ main chain and the industry/regional chain in the entire “Spark Chain Network” two-layer system architecture.

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