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Great News! Treelion Officially Signed the Contract of the Spark Chain Network Green Finance Backbone Node

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On January 14, Treelion officially signed the contract of the Spark Chain Network Green Finance Backbone Node with Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Administration Committee, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), and Beijing Teleinfo.

The contract aims to complete the construction of Spark Chain Network backbone node. The four parties in the contract will jointly plan and execute the project, including building a base platform and an application service platform.

At present, Treelion has officially acquired the construction and operation rights of the Spark Chain Network Green Finance backbone node, which means Treelion has been qualified for national-level infrastructure construction. Treelion’s business and development have seen a dramatic upgrade.

During the cooperation period, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Administration Committee will utilize its advantage in policy and industry guidance; CAICT will utilize the scientific research institute and think tank’s advantage in planning, standardizing, and testing; Treelion will utilize its advantage in resource integration and scene connection; and Teleinfo will utilize its advantage in Technology development and industry promotion. The four parties will integrate all the resources and strengths on the table to jointly study the integration innovation and application exploration of blockchain and identification technology, and support this backbone node to become a representative and benchmark of industry applications.

As the construction and operation main body of the backbone node, Treelion will use “1 backbone node + 3 chains (carbon asset chain, national Pu Hui chain, and industry chain) + N on-chain applications + 1 alliance (carbon Pu hui alliance)” as the construction core to create individual and enterprise carbon accounts for cities. Treelion will create carbon sinks through comprehensive green lifestyle projects, and register and manage carbon sink trading through blockchain technology. Treelion is going to break through the value barriers in various fields of ecological and environmental protection, connect isolated information, and inject liquidity to low-carbon industries. Consequently, encouraging more enterprises and individuals to participate in ecological and environmental protection, and making a contribution to the national “Dual-Carbon” goal.

About “Spark Chain Network”

“Spark Chain Network” is a new national blockchain fusion infrastructure led by the CAICT and jointly constructed by many large enterprises and institutions such as Beihang University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and China Unicom under the leadership and special support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

It is to continuously promote the digital transformation of the industry, promote the value of digital assets, and use the independent innovation capabilities of the blockchain to plan the layout of “new infrastructure” for the digital economy; It uses the Industrial Internet, which represents the digital transformation of the industry, as its main application scenario, and uses network identification as a key digital resource as a breakthrough point to promote the development of blockchain applications and realize the engine role of new infrastructure.

The backbone node of the “Spark Chain Network” is a key role that anchors and docks the super nodes’ main chain and the industry/regional chain in the entire “Spark Chain Network” two-layer system architecture.

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