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Treelion Executive Director Mr. Lu Qi Participated in COP15’s Erhai Forum on Global Ecological Civilization Construction discussed One Health

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On October 9th, the Erhai Forum on Global Ecological Civilization Construction discussed One Health of the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP15) was hosted in Erhai, Yunnan. The forum gathers over 300 guests around the world; participants had a deep discussion on the topic of “Building an Ecological Civilization Together for a Beautiful Planet”. Treelion’s Executive Director Lu Qi was honoured to join as a guest in Erhai.

In the backdrop of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality, the sub-forum of “The ‘Double Carbon’ Targets: New Opportunities for Corporate Image Building” was hosted to study and explore how companies can improve their international image and help the smooth implementation of the dual-carbon strategy by doing a good job in the communication of “dual carbon”. The sub-forum was directed by the State Council Information Office and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and co-hosted by China International Publishing Group, Yunnan Provincial People’s Government, and China International Public Relations Association.

As a guest speaker, Treelion’s Executive Director Lu Qi shared the carbon reduction experience and corporate social responsibility of Treelion as a blockchain green finance platform in the sub-forum.

Lu Qi said that Treelion’s strategic partner, Elion Group, has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of ecological and environmental governance and photovoltaic sand control; and Treelion is trying to combine new technologies with Elion’s rooted eco-environmental protection model, and apply science and technology to the practice of dual-carbon.

The realization of the dual-carbon goal is a major strategic goal related to the destiny of mankind and the planet; the blockchain technology is essential in this field. The two major problems of the current enterprise management system are how to allow companies to share data safely, and how to tap the value of data.

Treelion is committed to exploring the role of the restructuring of production relations and building trust in the dual-carbon field by integrating blockchain and Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data and other related technologies, as well as the ability to ensure data security and circulation. Specifically, there are three aspects:

First, blockchain’s traceability capabilities provide feasible solutions for food safety supervision, product quality management, ecological product certification, etc., thereby providing a faster and more accurate connection path for the supply and demand of green finance, and solving the problem of information asymmetry.

Second, blockchain’s non-tamperable feature enhances projects’ reliability and credibility, effectively reduces lenders’ risk pressure and guides the flow of funds to projects that truly generate environmental benefits.

Third, the well-designed smart contract strengthens management control before transactions, simplifies the approval process, and speeds up transaction progress, so as to maximize trust for participants in the green financial market, reduce transaction costs, and increase transaction returns.

In addition, Treelion and the Center for Environmental Education and Communication of Ministry of Ecology and environment (CEEC) have jointly created a carbon account and carbon Puhui platform “3060” that connects “individuals, governments, enterprises, verification, consulting, and regulatory agencies”. Based on blockchain technology’s capability of privacy protection, non-tampering, and traceability, the carbon footprint of individuals and small, medium and micro enterprises can be recorded on blockchain and be traced; through carbon footprint calculation, low-carbon behavior quantification, and low-carbon points redemption, a close loop of carbon Puhui trading ecosystem is formed to achieve credible tracking, measurement and incentives for individuals’ green life behaviors; effectively link personal green life behaviors with enterprises and governments, arouse the public’s awareness of participating in green, low-carbon, and environmental protection, and help achieve the dual-carbon goal.

The 3060 mini program is now available on WeChat. Scan the QR code below to immediately start reducing your personal carbon footprint!

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