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Treelion Vice Chairman Plato Yip and Treelion Global Advisory Council President Erik Solheim will Attend the 6th Handle Climate Change Film Festival

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The 6th Handle Climate Change Film Festival (HCCFF) will be held in Shenzhen, on 16th – 22th October 2021. Plato K. T. Yip, Treelion’s Vice Chairman, and Erik Solheim, Treelion Global Advisory Council President, former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, are invited to attend the main forum and deliver speeches.

Mr. Erik Solheim will provide a video speech at 9:55am on 16th October, and Mr. Plato Yip will participate in a roundtable to discuss about how media can help to achieve the dual-carbon goal and what the innovative tools are for achieving the dual-carbon goal.

HCCFF is China’s first film festival with the concern of climate change as well as sustainable development goals, founded by Innovative Research Institute of Science Popularization (IRISP) and Handle Capital in September 2015.

The five sessions of HCCFF have in total collected 7,309 films from 124 countries and regions across the globe. Representatives of the organizing committee brought films to the “National Low-Carbon Day” theme event for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017, and participated in the “China Corner” event of the United Nations Climate Change Conference for five consecutive years (2015-2019). They use films to promote China’s non-governmental actions in response to climate change both domestically and abroad.

The theme this year is “Decarbonization Revolution Opens up a Green Future.” The festival will continue promoting the concept of ecological civilization, popularizing science knowledge of climate change, and promoting low-carbon technology to respond to the country’s ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

HCCFF consists of film selection, forums, lectures, screenings, workshops and promotion in the UN Climate Conference. This year, an exhibition of low-carbon life is added as a new unit.

The festival include one main forum and three parallel forums, which focus on “construction of zero-carbon community”, “Carbon Puhui”, and “carbon finance”, respectively; and one low-carbon technology sharing session.

In terms of the low-carbon life exhibition, green lifestyle products from 50 enterprises and organizations will be presented either physically or in photos to guide the public to understand the close relationship between personal low-carbon activities and the actualization of the carbon neutrality goal, and to promote a sustainable lifestyle trend.

Treelion wishes the conference a success, and look forward to more companies and individuals, especially the youth, to actively participate in the conference, and jointly contribute to China’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.

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