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General Secretary Xi Jinping: The Energy Industry Must Take the Path of Green Development

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On 13th September, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited China Energy Yulin Chemical Industry Company in Yulin City, Shaanxi. He walked into the central control room and the project site to learn about the comprehensive utilization of coal. General Secretary Xi said:

“We must use new development concepts to guide our development
The energy industry needs further development
Otherwise it will not be enough to support our country’s modernization
The premise is upgrading and transformation
Take the path of green and low-carbon development
Adapt to the community of human destiny
Take good care of the earth
Follow this path well”

Since 2014, the low-carbon transformation of the energy industry has always been a major focus of the Chinese government. The following is a summary of General Secretary Xi’s speeches on the concept of low-carbon development, energy cooperation, and technological innovation.

Development Concept

China should be guided by the idea of ​​ecological civilization, implement the new development concept, take the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development as the lead, take green and low-carbon development of energy industry as the key, and adhere to the ecological, green and low-carbon development path.

A speech Xi made on Leaders’ Summit on Climate via video in Beijing on 22nd April, 2021

Energy Cooperation

China attaches great importance to low-carbon energy development and actively promotes energy consumption, supply, technology, and institutional revolutions. China is willing to work with the international community to strengthen energy cooperation in all directions, maintain energy security, respond to climate change, protect the ecological environment, promote sustainable development, and better benefit people all over the world.

A congratulatory letter Xi sent to the Taiyuan Energy Low-Carbon Development Forum on 22nd October, 2019

Technological Innovation

Based on China’s national conditions, closely following the new trend of the international energy technology revolution, with the direction of green and low-carbon, promoting technological innovation, industrial innovation, and business model innovation, and closely integrating with other high-tech fields to cultivate energy technology and its related industries into new growth points that will drive the upgrading of China’s industries.

A speech made at the meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Leading Group on June 13, 2014

Source: CCTV News

The low-carbon development path that Treelion adheres to is in line with General Secretary Xi’s thought, which indicates that Treelion’s green finance development has a bright future. Treelion will continue to implement the concept of low-carbon development and help companies upgrade and transform.

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