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NFT environmental protection field is emerging: Treelion and MyForest project empower forest conservation

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2020 is consider to be the year for NFT to take off. Many people were surprised by the gains of the Defi market in Q3. As the prices of digital tokens such as MEME, FAME, and TAPE have soared, the expectations of the digital economy industry for NFT have reached to a new level. After its unique characteristics are on the chain, each one has its own unique “identity mark”, which is currently used in art collections, games, domain names and other fields.

NFT comes to new territory

It is worth noting that the value of NFT is much more than that. NFT usage scenarios can be integrated into all aspects of life. Virtual real estate, forest carbon sinks, and financial scenarios are all media that can be combined with NFT. How to put the blockchain into practical applications and how to achieve, NFT is the key to implement. Treelion has taken a pioneering step here, extending the tentacles of NFT to forest conservation for the first time, bringing a new force for environmental protection.

NFT empowers forest conservation

Treelion has insighted that although many countries have forest resources that are vital to the global ecological environment, they still lack the importance and efficient use of forest values. If forest resources are no longer just fixed on the ground, but become tradable assets, forest conservation will truly become alive – this is the reason why Treelion launched the MyForest project.

Forests from different countries and each piece of forest in the same country have unique ecological environments, it is impossible to achieve the same, so we can understand it as a kind of NFT. Using NFT characteristics to empower forests can analyze the ecological and environmental problems faced by forests and carry out exclusive forest conservation. From young forest tending, stand resistance to soil fertility improvement, each forest is a complex ecology. The uniqueness of using NFT is to analyze and solve specific problems.

MyForest uses blockchain as the underlying technology logic, led by the local government and certified by an international authority, the physical forest is registered as a digital asset on the blockchain. Each certified piece of forest will be issued with MyForest NFT by the Treelion Foundation. These tokens will be specific to the certified forest with associated conservation projects.

For example, there are 6,000 MyForest tokens corresponding to a certified forest. The local government or NGO allocates 20% of her MyForest tokens, that is, 1,200 tokens, to investors in return of a corresponding number of TRN tokens. Every investor, organization or individual who cares about environmental protection, can use TRN to invest onto the forest conservation project. As the government organization, which is carrying out the conversation project, holds most of the MyForest tokens, they will be incentivized to ensure the success of the conservation project so to increase the value of the forest. This is the key objective of MyForest, and also helps increase the awareness of protecting our environment.

Both? Independent coding & international cooperation

On the other hand, together with the forests from different countries constitute the global ecosystem. Will the unique identity of each forest become an obstacle to transnational cooperation? MyForest proves the answer is no. Government organizations that join MyForest need to commit to establishing a completely open and transparent information release mechanism, and regularly announce the results of forest conservation work to each MyForest pass holder through the official website and the Treelion platform. All forest token transactions will only be conducted through the TREELION exchange using TRN as the settlement instrument. This ensures the legitimacy of the transaction and the non-fungible values of the tokens. Extending from forest conservation, it is not difficult to imagine that other natural resources can also issue TRN, so that the value of natural resources can be transferred from the real space to the public chain. Ecological protection and digital finance can both dig out their own maximum value. With the passage of time, the wind vents rise and fall, the heat rises and falls, and the green that we love to protect will always give us shade.

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